Save my TF2 server.

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Save my TF2 server. Empty Save my TF2 server.

Post  Artakha57 on Tue Feb 05, 2013 6:30 pm

Okay guys, as some of you probably know, I have a community tag on my name that isn't WWG. It's OSF. What's OSF? it stands for Outlaws of Sherwood Forest, a gaming community filled with adults who just like to play games. Now then They also have their own TF2 server that has been fairly full ever since the game launched. The server itself ranked around 100-200 ever since 2007.

However, The server has been on decline for the past two months to the point where no one ever comes onto the server. So to help save my community's server (we can possibly just chill there just like everyone else if we ever do our own sort of TF2 fun nights) OSF is hosting community nights every day this week from 8-11PM EST

The IP is and is currently ranked 1227th. Please help get this server up and running. The players on the server itself actually gives people quite a challenge.

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