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Warp Deletion Empty Warp Deletion

Post  Drake9735 on Wed Sep 04, 2013 4:46 am

Hey guys! And ladies :DAnd anyone who is reading this, including boxes.
So I was messing around on the server for a while and checked out the warps, I thought that most of them can be deleted, as they lead to nothing and just take up the amount of warps. Some examples are: netha1 netha2 netha3 netha4...etc. I think it lead up to ''netha15'' or something. This is just to make the amount of warps smaller. Another example is that there is warps leading to a house in a town, when that town already has a warp (come on guys... just walk a bit) or warps that are 100 blocks apart or something. So yeah, post on here for list of warps you want deleted or tell someone who can remove it when they are online on the server. I do have a couple people that do have a ton of warps, if you don't post on here or tell someone, I will directly contact you and ask if you want them deleted or not! Very Happy
Hopefully some of you guys will actually see this

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