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Greifing policy

Post  Palzee on Wed Sep 21, 2011 2:57 pm

Here at WWM we take a no nonsense approach to griefing in our world. Griefing is not tolerated under any circumstances and the griefer will find themselves banned instantly and permenantly on the first offence. Griefing can come in a number of different forms none of which will be tolerated.

•Breaking other's creations

Breaking structures that aren't yours is the most basic type of griefing but can also be misunderstood easily. Some people will break structures that they think are abandoned only to find someone reporting them for griefing. As a rule of thumb if you aren't sure, don't break it because let's face it, why risk a ban?

•Abuse of other players

We do love to joke around at WWM and make fun of each other is a joking sort of way we do not however tolerate abuse. Flooding chat with swear words or generally being aggressive or rude to other plays will be considered griefing.


Racism is not tolerated at WWM. This includes racist remarks or other general racist actions such as building schwastika's.


Here at WWM we have an ever growing team of Wingnut Knights (moderators) and I myself am always working to uphold the morals and the rules by which WWM runs by there is no need to "take the law into your own hands" abuse towards other players or breaking their things because they have (or you think they have) broken your stuff will not be tolerated. There is no need to stress about griefing everything can be fixed we can spawn you back the materials you lost and ban the player who did it. You should never intervene and try to damage a player who you think has greifed you especially if you didn't see them do it in the first place. We have had instances in the past where players were abused for griefing and only for me to investigate and find out it wasn't the person who got blamed in the first place!

•Unwanted PvP

In WWM PvP is turned on and we actively encourage duelling matches between players. However if a player asks you to stop killing them then you must stop or you will be banned. If however you both agree to a PvP matchup then its pretty much no holds barred. You should agree on some terms first and make sure you only have a sword or something like that on you if you don't want your stuff stolen.


If you have an unwanted PvP match or you accidentally kill someone whilst you are mining you must return any materials you picked up from their corpse by accident or otherwise. Refusing to do so could end up in a ban.

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