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Muzzow coming back as king

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Muzzow's is back. Reposted Empty Muzzow's is back. Reposted

Post  muzzow on Wed Jul 17, 2013 2:30 pm

Right, i know a lot of you are wondering what happened, and what's going to be happening on the sever the coming year. Seeing as my rain is now over 1 year for wing nuts, i thought i let you in on some plans i have for the sever.
1st off let me clear the air about me art being kings and me going away for a while, and then coming back.

Art is the number 2 guy on the sever, my right hand and the guy i look to, in times of sever need. I passed control over to art for those 2 months because i couldn't give the sever my time. this was mainly to do with Real life stuff going on in my life. Now that it is over, i have come back as your king. When i came back, i heard that was doing such a great job at running the sever, i kept him as king. I will say this now. I WILL disrepair the same time next year. because it would be my final year at uni/ University/ collage, and all my time i would be putting in to that. Exclamation

If any of you have ANY problems with me coming back TELL ME. This Also goes for anything else to do with the sever !

As you know wing nuts is now over 2 years old, and i can say that the sever is doing better then ever on the player front. :DWORD OF WARNING. i will be advising the sever on PLANET MINE CRAFT. It would be great if you guys COULD PLEASE Vote us up as much as u can. Diamond the sever and Share the love in the comments. If you do im sure the sever player count will go up a bit more.

Plans for the future. OK mainly this is ever i want your in put. anything you guys want on the sever please put it in the forums and let me know. ill take a look. or art will and i might happen. this goes form plug ins to pvp map wars. to killing plebs to make the wing nut gods happy.

I would like to Also say THIS WEEKEND. there will be a Wingnut WAR 5 i think. or is it 4. idk, still WAR MAP THIS WEEKEND. TIME TO BE SET! keep an eye on the forums for the post and time.

OK guys. thanks for reading my crap And playing on wingnuts. Muzzow

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